Star Wars Rebels: Hera Syndulla Season 4 Civilian (WonderCon 2018)

Hera Syndulla Civilian Version: Left View

From the left

Hera Syndulla Civilian Version: Front View

From the front

Hera Syndulla Civilian Version: Hero View

Hero view

Hera Syndulla Civilian Version: Right View

From the right

Hera Syndulla Civilian Version: Back View

From the back

Hera Syndulla: Rebel Legion Card

Rebel Legion card (Endor Base)

Costume created for Hera Syndulla from the animated series Star Wars Rebels (Season 4 civilian version). This costume appeared in the season 4 episode “The Occupation”, wherein the Ghost Crew returns to Lothal in attempt to liberate its citizens from the hands of the Empire. I fell in love with this costume the moment I saw it, and started working on it in November of 2017. I learned a lot in making this (such as working with leather for my flight cap), and first wore it to WonderCon 2018 in Anaheim, California.

As of mid-April 2018, this costume is Rebel Legion approved, and covers a lot of firsts and seconds: it is my first Legion-approved costume, a Legion second for the costume itself (the first being the lovely Xena/poetryincostume of Elstree Base), a North American first for the costume, and an Endor Base (Northern California, Central California, and Alaska) first for the character.

Photos featured on this page are courtesy of BlizzardTerrak Photography (@blizzardterrak, Facebook).