Commissions: Costumes and Textile Arts

First and foremost: I am not currently taking commissions for full costumes unless I know you well and am able to meet with you in person for sizing purposes. This is due to several factors, including cost, time, and studio space issues. That said, I will make “one-size-fits-all” type costume pieces that can be made from basic measurements, such as capes or shawls. I am not currently open for costume or costume piece commissions.

PRICING AND PAYMENTS: For costume pieces, I require half of the agreed upon price up front to help cover material costs. You will receive an itemized list of all materials purchased and used for your piece (fabrics, thread, paint, and so forth) before full payment is required. This down payment is non-refundable once I have purchased the materials for your piece.

As there are so many different types of costume pieces and accessories and each piece takes different types of materials and amounts of time to complete, I cannot give up-front pricing. A cape or cloak, for instance, can run anywhere between $20 and $60 depending on the materials used and the complexity of it (are there lots of details? Is it a plain color? Does it have trim? Are there complex patterns to be embroidered or painted in? Is it made of wool or polyester?) Your best bet is to shoot me an email via the Contact Form with what you’re looking for and AT LEAST four reference images where possible (from front, back, and both sides) so I can give you a better estimate.


If you’d like a custom-embroidered or painted patch/applique, I’m happy to do it. I will create pieces using either pre-existing artwork of licensed characters (such as the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter or the Rebel Starbird from Star Wars), or of original design. Patches will generally be one or two colors, but more can be arranged. As embroidered patches can take hours or even days to complete, the more simple your design, the more quickly it will be completed. Patches are $10 each for a basic one-color, simple image.

Patches by default have a main image of 5″ circular depending on needs (that is the hoop size I generally use). The actual fabric piece can be cut down to size or to specified dimensions. For larger pieces (up to a hoop 9″ in diameter), I will only do painted patches. The cost does not justify the time to embroider a patch that large.

For patches of licensed imagery, I reserve the right to offer the same design to others at a lower price. The reason for this is that when I am commissioned, I need to create a brand new stencil to work from, and after that work is done it takes me less time. I am happy to make multiple patches of the same design for you at a discounted price.

For patches of original imagery, I will only create the one for you unless you specifically state I am allowed to reuse the design.