Rhythmic HIGH

Welcome to RHYTHMIC HIGH, Nori's humble little abode to hide away and gather her artwork and fiction. If you made it past the entrance, I'm going to assume you know what boys love is. 90% of works featured here contain the previously mentioned thing, and the only warnings you will get are for works involving dirty, dirty mansex.

For once I'm going with a nice, simple music themed layout. If you haven't figured it out by now, the current theme is Le Trille du diable, aka 悪魔のトリル or The Devil's Trill, a violin/piano sonata by Giuseppe Tartini.


05.15.09 Taking forever to do things again! New artwork: Subarashiki Kono Sekai:It's a Wonderful World (The World Ends With You) - Beat & Rhyme. Also another obligatory "I'll be at the Fanime Artist's Alley" post, as this year I am sharing a table with Nat, who has sxxy, sxxy work and will be cosplaying stupid Dragonball Z with me :(

06.26.08 RH:TENNIS and RH:GUNDAM have been born, and thus all Tenipuri and Gundam works have been removed from this section of the site. Check back soon!

05.18.08 Long time! There is no art or fic in this update, it is merely to mention two things:
1) I will be attending Fanime in San Jose, California this coming up weekend, and selling some artwork. If you have a chance, please come take a look! I'll be at the Rhythmic High table, next to the ever-awesome Sasu of Underground Chu^2 (who, since the last update has gotten a new domain and is now hosted on my server. Please go look at her stuff!)
and 2) I am participating in an English-language Gundam 00 doujinshi anthology.


The price is $10 USD, and it will be available for preorder very soon. It'll also be available for sale (or pickup if you preorder) at Anime Expo, 2008 in Los Angeles, California July 3-6. Any preorders not picked up at Anime Expo will be shipped after July 7th when our Project Meisters return to Japan. :) If you are attending a convention soon and would like to help us spread the news, please consider downloading and printing out some flyers. Page size is 8x10 with two flyers per sheet.

That said, expect a buttload of Gundam 00 art after I get back from Fanime and a trip to London :)

02.23.08 It's, er, been a while! Anyway. 15 new in gallery (Tenipuri-Rikkai, Fudoumine, Jyousei Shounan, Apocripha/0-Alex & Platina, Gundam Wing-Heero, Duo & Wufei). 6 new fics in words (Tenipuri: Sanada/Niou, Niou/Kirihara, Yagyuu/Niou, Yanagi/Kirihara, Ibu/Kamio). Cleaned up the links section, added some new ones and deleted broken ones. Also added a contact form, which can be found down yonder in the navigation.

I will be participating in Fanime's Artist Alley this year along side Sasu, so stop by and say hi if you get a chance :) I'll be working my butt off trying to get some decent stuff to sell, so we'll see how that goes. XD

02.12.07 - Added one new Sanada art to tennis. Also added 3 new galleries to the cosplay section (Souma Hatori, Naoe Nagi [Kapitel version], & Satou Shigeki [Sakura Josui winter version]

02.09.07 - No art, but added four new fics to the 'words' section. SanaYuki, IbuKam & YanaSana.

01.03.07 - Got slightly unlazy and put all of my 'gift' art into the regular gallery (meaning stuff that I've given people, stuff from other people will be up eventually XP) so there's about 20 'new' things in there (when I say 'new', it's just to the gallery and they're years old sometimes XD So I didn't mark them as new. However, there actually is something new in the Rikkai art section. Happy Birthday, Maribelle ♥

12.31.06 - Happy New Year's Eve! Finally tossing up some of my holiday cards (ok the ones I have finished) so there's 1 new art in Tennis, and new sections for Gundam Wing and Bleach (...side note, I've never seen nor read Bleach, but that card was done especially for Yume as her holiday card. Aka she's the only one who got a copy 8D). Also, a there's a new link exchange so go check out the links and check out Dee's work, because it is A+ awesome.

12.05.06 - New layout! Put up a few pages of cosplay, reworked the gallery (1 new in Fudoumine). Gifts are currently down and I am now taking commissions! A few new link exchanges and other links, kiriban is offline. Soon up will be my holiday cards for this year (but not until most of the people I sent to get them 8D) And happy belated birthday to one Niou Masaharu (12/4) and happy birthday to one Hiyoshi Wakashi (today~) 8D Unfortunately I'm a) lazy and b) have no clue what to do for them, so no birthday pics. :(